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JOB DESCRIPTION cod. D.D. 1032/2021)

The Researcher will contribute to a technically rigorous analysis of micro and macro data aimed at deriving policy implications related to financial/economic choices of migrants and migration, respectively. More specifically, survey micro-data will be used to evaluate the immigrant family structure and the corresponding nativity gaps, along several dimensions including family size, marital status, number of children, and co-residence patterns with the elderly and grown-up children as well as bargaining (financial) power within the couple. Besides, exploiting the panel dimension of the data we investigate how the immigrant family structure is affected by policy reforms, such as the labour quotas legislation of 2002 (Bossi-Fini) and the family reunification legislation of 2008.
Advanced knowledge of Stata/R (or similar statistical softwares) as well as of relevant statistical analysis techniques is required.
The results of this research will be summarized in scientific publications targeted to international refereed journals.
The postdoc position is for one year but can be extended to two at the end of the first year.

Here to apply (download cod. D.D. 1032/2021)

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