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Agriculture opens doors for youth - June links selection

FAO’s Rural Youth Mobility project may provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the rural youth and thus transform migration in a choice. Find out more in the first link of our selection.

Selection for the weeks May 18 - 31 2018

A new IOM displacement survey Shows 3.5 Million Internally Displaced, Returnees from Abroad in 15 Afghan Provinces. The returnees from abroad included 1,355,488 people from Pakistan and over 398,521 from Iran. Other links are about Yemen, Syrian refugees in Lebanon and a talent show. 

Selection for the weeks May 4 - 18, 2018

Today's selection includes articles about migration from the World Bank, The United Nation Population Fund, IOM and TED. Each one handpicked by us for you. 

Selection for the weeks April 20 - May 3, 2018

Here we are, once again, with five links for you. 

Migration, Agriculture, and Rural Development
A new paper from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) highlights the key role of agriculture and rural development for migration. Check it out here:

Encouraging Cities to Bring Locals and Immigrants Together: Ideas from Kuopio
Kuopio is a city in Finland with 120,000 inhabitants. In 2016, around 2,700 immigrants resided in there. To attract people to move to Kuopio, the city offers high-quality public services: from kindergartens to senior homes, libraries to sports facilities. To integrate people from different cultural backgrounds, Kuopio is providing a variety of services targeted at migrants. Kuopio Info is an easily accessible resident service desk, which directs immigrants to find the right services.

Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain
Started in early 2017, Building Blocks, as the program is known, helps the WFP distribute cash-for-food aid to over 100,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan. By the end of this year, the program will cover all 500,000 refugees in the country.

Online platform to help refugees find work
"Start Refugees" is a new Italian online platform aiming to match asylum seekers' and refugees' demands for work with the employment needs of companies and individuals.
Migrants can upload their personal profiles which are then available to potential employers. The service operates on a paid basis for NGOs only, and the staff are available to help reception centres complete the profiles to be uploaded on the site, as well as to support future employers in the necessary bureaucratic procedures.

New IOM Project Boosts Integration of Syrian Refugees in Europe
Initially targeting 500 Syrian refugees, the LINK IT project aims to link pre-departure and post-arrival support to facilitate the social and economic integration of resettled refugees in four European countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Romania. “Ensuring migrants and refugees can contribute economically and socially to their host communities is key to the future well-being, prosperity and cohesion of European societies,” said Mircea Mocanu, IOM Chief of Mission in Romania. “

Selection for the weeks April 6-19, 2018

Here's what we have been reading in the past two weeks. Links come from IOM, International Food Policy Research Institute, Louise Arbour (the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on International Migration, said). 

Selection for the weeks March 23rd - April 5th, 2018

We are back with some reading suggestions. Below you can find news about the Global Compact but also about the potential implications of the Italian election results for development

Selection for the weeks 9-23 March 2018

When you read and talk about migration, you might end up reading and talking about many different things such as music and data. Check it out:

Selection for the weeks 23 February 2018 - 8 March 2018

Welcome back. This week you'll find stories about migrants that go back home in Colombia, about policies that try to keep Nepal's workers in their own country, and insights about migration and climate change. 

“How to host 200,000 refugee students in your education system: An answer from Lebanon
An insightful Medium post by the World Bank: “As s the country which hosts the world’s largest number of refugees per capita, Lebanon holds some important lessons. Lebanon almost doubled the size of its national public education system in five years in response to the ongoing refugee crisis, something no country has ever done before.”

To stop migration, stop the abuse of Africa's resources
“Only by opening Europe to African products beyond raw materials - while guaranteeing an equal share of the benefits to African populations - and addressing the structural conditions that undermine the development capacity of millions of people, will the EU be able to implement a vision based on sustainable solutions”, says Lorenzo Kamel on Al Jazeera.

Stay or go: Migration should be a choice
ILO created a beautiful InfoStory about what Nepal is doing to promote decent work opportunities at home and informed labour migration abroad. Did you know that today, half of all Nepali families rely on financial support from relatives abroad?

Scorched earth: Colombia’s ‘refugee farmers’ returning to land
Peasants displaced by years of conflict are returning to Colombia’s Montes de Maria along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, but they now face the threats of climate change and deforestation.

What we get wrong about migration and climate change
Right now, migration is one of the most important home-grown climate adaptation strategies. European leaders now have to work out how to facilitate this. It will not be climate change that creates another refugee crisis. Rather, there will be attempts to stop this migration that creates a crisis.

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